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When residents and visitors of Denver are not making their way down the slopes, many times they can be found in the local movie theaters. It is crucial that your business capitalizes on this whether you choose on-screen or in-lobby advertising. It is sure to have a positive effect on your business as people cannot avoid movie theater advertising in the Denver movie theaters. The important movie theaters to note in Denver are Harkins Theatres Northfield 18, Regal Movie theaters Continental 10 & RPX, United Artists Denver Pavilions 15, Landmark Mayan Theatre, AMC Cherry Creek 8, United Artists Colorado Center 9 & IMAX, Landmark Chez Artiste, Landmark Esquire, Elvis Movie theaters and many more. Find competitive rates on in-lobby and on-screen movie theater advertising at these many great locations with the help of BillboardsIn by clicking the link below.
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Movie theater advertising in Denver provides a fantastic opportunity to increase brand awareness and exposure. Movie theater ads in Denver typically cost around $5,447.66 for only a month. When buying movie theater ads, the most important factors to consider are the target audience and location. Movie theater ads should be placed in theaters located near high-traffic areas that will reach the target audience. Other factors to consider when buying movie theater ads are the ad format and placement, campaign duration, and design.

At BillboardsIn, we make movie theater advertising easy and accessible for anyone. We offer a wide variety of options to choose from. On average, a movie theater ad in Denver generates 380,742 impressions every week for only an average cost per thousand impressions (CPM) of $10.22! We recommend targeting popular movie theaters with a visually appealing and compelling message. Ready to increase your brand awareness? To get started, use the interactive tool on our website and browse our available inventory of movie theater ads in Denver.

Tips for Buying Movie Theater Ads in Denver

  • Target audience. Understanding your target audience is crucial for effective movie theater advertising. Your message should be tailored to the target audience so that it resonates with them and motivates them to take action.

  • Ad format. There are several different ad formats available for movie theater advertising, including both video and static ads located on-screen and in-lobby. Choose the right ad format that aligns your advertising goals.

  • Timing. Consider the timing of your movie theater ad. Running movie ads during popular seasons will help generate more interest and buzz.

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Special Offers and Sales on Movie Theater Ads in Denver

Here are a few special offers on movie theaters and other outdoor advertising in Denver, Colorado.

To see pricing and shop all the movie theater ads in Denver, use the tool at the top of this page.

Digital Billboard Truck

Book a digital billboard truck for one day; you can choose your own route, or we can create a custom route for you that targets your ideal audience.

Digital Billboard Truck in Denver

Build a custom Digital Billboard Truck ad campaign in Denver starting at $2,499.00.

Digital Billboards

Target consumers with a digital billboard campaign. Choose a location, and your ad will be displayed on digital billboards within a three-mile radius.

Digital Billboards in Denver

Build a custom Digital Billboards ad campaign in Denver starting at $6,499.00.

Hulu Ads

Advertise on Hulu with a 15 or 30 second ad that has audio and motion video capabilities, estimated to receive about 40,000 impressions each month.

Hulu Ads in Denver

Build a custom Hulu Ads ad campaign in Denver starting at $1,400.00.

Direct Mail Ads

Reach your ideal audience by sending 2,500 postcards with your advertisement to targeted addresses in an area of your choice.

Direct Mail Ads in Denver

Build a custom Direct Mail Ads ad campaign in Denver starting at $2,674.00.

Movie Theater Rates in Denver

Estimated price per location per month

On-Screen (Video)$1,300-$3,000
On-Screen (Static)$1,000-$2,400
In-Lobby (Digital)$350-$800
In-Lobby (Static)$250-$600

On average, movie theater advertising in Denver, Colorado costs $600-$46,660

Featured Outdoor Ads

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Frequently Asked Questions about Movie Theater Ads in Denver

What's the typical price for a billboard in Denver?

The cost of a movie theater ad in Denver is influenced by several factors, including the location, ad format, and timing. On average, movie theater advertising in Denver costs $5,447.66 per month.

Where can I reserve a movie theater ad in Denver?

We have a wide variety of locations available for bus ads in Denver. To find the best location for your advertising needs, simply browse our available inventory using the interactive tool on our website.

How long do cinema ads run in Denver?

We offer campaign durations for movie theater ads in Denver anywhere from a week to over a year, depending on your needs.

Where should I run my cinema ad in Denver?

The best locations for movie theater ads in Denver will depend on your target audience and advertising goals. Generally speaking, the best locations for movie theater ads in Denver are popular theaters located near high-traffic areas that align with your target audience.

How long does it take to get a movie theater ad up and running in Denver?

The length of time it takes to set up a movie theater ad in Denver depends on several factors, including the ad format, location, and developing the ad creatives. Typically, our movie theater ads are up and running within 2 weeks of purchase date.

What are the steps for buying a movie theater ad in Denver?

You can purchase a movie theater ad in Denver by browsing our available inventory using the interactive tool on our website.

What are best types of movie theater ads available in in Denver?

The best type of movie theater ad for your campaign will depend on your advertising goals, target audience, and budget. Some of the best types of movie theater ads in Denver are those showcased at popular movie theaters located near high-traffic areas.

How far in advance should I book my movie theater ad in Denver?

At BillboardsIn, we offer a wide variety of local advertising options in Denver. You can browse our full inventory by using the interactive tool on our website.

What type of movie theater ad is best for my company in Denver?

Some of the top outdoor advertising agencies in Denver are Talon Outdoor, WorkInProgress, Crispin Porter + Bogusky, Gyro, and BillboardsIn.

Types of Movie Theater Ads in Denver, Colorado

On-Screen (Video)

Why Use On-Screen Video Ads?
Great for catching attention of a captive audience. Perfect for targeting your exact demographic.

On-Screen (Static)

Why Use On-Screen Static Ads?
Builds brand recognition and awareness. Easier to produce and less expensive than on-screen video.

In-Lobby (Digital)

Why Use In-Lobby Digital Ads?
Bright and eye catching. Sound can stop pedestrian traffic in their tracks.

In-Lobby (Static)

Why Use In-Lobby Static Ads?
Captures pedestrian traffic. Great for detailed information.

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