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Taking advantage of movie theater advertising can push your business ahead. Whether you choose to use on-screen or in-lobby advertising, you will definitely have the ability the impact your potential customers in Tampa. Movie theater advertising is a unique way to make an impact on a very captive audience. The major movies in Tampa include AMC West Shore 14, Studio Movie Grill, CinéBistro at Hyde Park Village, Tampa Theatre, AMC Highwoods 20, AMC Classic Centro Ybor 10, AMC Veterans 24, Britton 8, Villagio Movie theaters and many more. BillboardsIn will get you competitive rates on both in-lobby and on-screen movie theater advertising in Tampa. All you have to do is click the link below to get started.
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An advertising strategy with high visibility and client acquisition can be used to successfully reach a sizable and diverse audience by purchasing a movie theater advertisement in Tampa. The cost of the movie theater advertisement is significantly influenced by its location. AMC theaters in SoHo, for instance, may see more people and receive greater exposure for on-screen video ads than smaller theaters outside the city, which drives up the cost of ad placement. The type of advertisement and production costs also have an impact on overall cost.

Through movie theater advertisements, you can reach a varied and active target group in Tampa. They provide a practical way for companies to raise brand awareness and make a strong and memorable connection with potential clients. We provide four various strategies for getting your message across to your target market, including video and static ads on the main screen and in the lobby. Combining them can be beneficial, and it is advised to focus on theaters with strong attendance. On average, a cinema ad in Tampa generates 422,612 impressions per month for only an average cost per thousand impressions (CPM) of $6.42! Utilize our interactive tool to begin perusing our selection of available Tampa movie theater advertisements.

Tips for Buying Movie Theater Ads in Tampa

  • The key to successful movie theater advertising lies in choosing a strategic location with high visibility and targeting high-traffic areas to maximize exposure.

  • Using relevant imagery, graphics, and language in your movie theater ad will make it more memorable and visually appealing, whether it's a static or video ad, and help it stand out.

  • To ensure that your movie theater ad reaches your intended audience, define your target audience and select the appropriate location to display it.

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Special Offers and Sales on Movie Theater Ads in Tampa

Here are a few special offers on movie theaters and other outdoor advertising in Tampa, Florida.

To see pricing and shop all the movie theater ads in Tampa, use the tool at the top of this page.

Digital Billboard Truck

Book a digital billboard truck for one day; you can choose your own route, or we can create a custom route for you that targets your ideal audience.

Digital Billboard Truck in Tampa

Build a custom Digital Billboard Truck ad campaign in Tampa starting at $2,499.00.

Digital Billboards

Target consumers with a digital billboard campaign. Choose a location, and your ad will be displayed on digital billboards within a three-mile radius.

Digital Billboards in Tampa

Build a custom Digital Billboards ad campaign in Tampa starting at $6,499.00.

Hulu Ads

Advertise on Hulu with a 15 or 30 second ad that has audio and motion video capabilities, estimated to receive about 40,000 impressions each month.

Hulu Ads in Tampa

Build a custom Hulu Ads ad campaign in Tampa starting at $1,400.00.

Direct Mail Ads

Reach your target audience by sending direct mail postcards to their mailbox. Direct mail ads allow you to target specific demographics across the US!

Direct Mail Ads in Tampa

Build a custom Direct Mail Ads ad campaign in Tampa starting at $2,674.00.

Movie Theater Rates in Tampa

Estimated price per location per month

On-Screen (Video)$1,300-$3,000
On-Screen (Static)$1,000-$2,400
In-Lobby (Digital)$350-$800
In-Lobby (Static)$250-$600

On average, movie theater advertising in Tampa, Florida costs $600-$46,660

Featured Outdoor Ads

Examples of top ads in Tampa, Florida

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Frequently Asked Questions about Movie Theater Ads in Tampa

What's the typical price for a billboard in Tampa?

The cost of a movie theater ad in Tampa is influenced by several factors, including the location, ad format, and timing. On average, movie theater advertising in Tampa costs $3,798.44 per month.

What are the available cinema ads in Tampa?

Tampa has plenty of movie thearer ad spaces available, and our company offers some of the best locations near Citrus Park, Downtown Tampa and Historic Hyde Park. To find the perfect spot for your advertising campaign, check out our available inventory on the website using our interactive tool.

How long do movie theater ads run in Tampa?

Depending on your needs, we can provide campaign durations for movie theater ads in tampa ranging from a week to over a year.

Where should I run my cinema ad in Tampa?

The best locations for movie theater ads in Tampa will depend on your target audience and advertising goals. This is likely on Bayshore Boulevard and Franklin Street or around the areas of Busch Gardens, Florida Aquarium and Tampa Riverwalk.

How long does it take to get a movie theater ad up and running in Tampa?

Location, size and type of cinema ad, determine the setup time required in tampa. Generally, our movie ads are ready within 2 weeks of the purchase date.

What are the steps for buying a movie theater ad in Tampa?

To buy a cinema ad in tampa, simply browse our available inventory using the interactive tool on our website.

What are best types of movie theater ads available in in Tampa?

Your advertising goals, target audience and budget will determine the best type of movie theater ad for your campaign. For maximum exposure, consider cinema advertisements located near high-traffic areas such as busy intersections, commercial districts, and popular tourist attractions in tampa.

How far in advance should I book my movie theater ad in Tampa?

By using the interactive tool on our website, you can browse our available inventory and purchase a cinema ad in tampa.

What type of movie theater ad is best for my company in Tampa?

Typically, static on-screen or lobby ads are a good route for brand recognition. However, to really grab the attention of movie goers, using on-screen video or digital lobby ads is effective.

What are some outdoor advertising agencies in Tampa?

Some of the top outdoor advertising agencies in Tampa are 22squared Inc., Spark, Klemtek Media, and BillboardsIn.

Types of Movie Theater Ads in Tampa, Florida

On-Screen (Video)

Why Use On-Screen (Video) Ads?
Great for catching the attention of a captive audience. Perfect for targeting your exact demographic.

On-Screen (Static)

Why Use On-Screen (Static) Ads?
Builds brand recognition and awareness. Easier to produce and less expensive than on-screen video.

In-Lobby (Digital)

Why Use In-Lobby (Digital) Ads?
Bright, engaging, and eye-catching, these in-lobby ads, complete with sound, can stop pedestrian traffic in their tracks.

In-Lobby (Static)

Why Use In-Lobby (Static) Ads?
Perfect for capturing leisure pedestrian traffic, in-lobby cinema ads are great for displaying messages that provide detailed information.

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