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The Motor City’s movie theaters offer respite for the humid continental climate and unparalleled opportunities for movie theater advertising. Imagine your campaign messages portrayed on the “big screen” and reaching their targets in the popcorn lines at Emagine Novi, AMC Forum 30, AMC Livonia 20 or Birmingham Uptown Palladium 12. Movie theater advertising is a unique medium in a distraction-free environment. Your brand can project your message thousands of times a month on a medium that is louder and larger than other OOH choices. BillboardsIn’s industry-leading options for movie theater ads are limitless. Check us out by completing the form below for a competitive quote!
On-Screen (Video)$1,300-$3,000
On-Screen (Static)$1,000-$2,400
In-Lobby (Digital)$350-$800
In-Lobby (Static)$250-$600

On average, movie theater advertising in Detroit, Michigan costs $250 - $3,000

On-Screen (Video)
Why Use On-Screen Video Ads?
Great for catching attention of a captive audience. Perfect for targeting your exact demographic.
On-Screen (Static)
Why Use On-Screen Static Ads?
Builds brand recognition and awareness. Easier to produce and less expensive than on-screen video.
In-Lobby (Digital)
Why Use In-Lobby Digital Ads?
Bright and eye catching. Sound can stop pedestrian traffic in their tracks.
In-Lobby (Static)
Why Use In-Lobby Static Ads?
Captures pedestrian traffic. Great for detailed information.
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Movie Theaters in Detroit:

Ann Arbor 20 IMAX, AMC John R 15, MJR Marketplace Digital Cinema 20, Emagine Royal Oak, Emagine Novi, AMC Livonia 20, Emagine Canton, AMC Star Gratiot 15, The Maple Theater, Michigan Science Center
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