Advertising in Chicago

September 26, 2023Published By

Chicago, Illinois is the third most populous city in the US, with over 2,700,000 residents and a huge influx of visitors each year, making it a top market for OOH (out-of-home) advertising 

Internationally famous, Chicago’s full of landmarks that provide a wealth of amazing locations for advertising 

Art hubs like Millennium Park, for example, bring in a huge number of visitors each month, totaling around 504,000; it’s also located within walking distance of Navy Pier, which brings in over 902,000 monthly visitors 

Downtown Chicago…

Making the Most of your ROI

September 19, 2023Published By

In 2023, social media and other digital advertising methods seem to be the most effective because consumers carry your ads around with them However, with the increasing prevalence of ad-blockers and the oversaturation of the digital marketing realm, possible customers are not paying attention to the ads in front of them This is a major benefit of outdoor advertising, such as billboards


Bench Advertising

September 12, 2023Published By

We continually introduce new advertising formats to help you craft customized campaigns, including one of our recent additions is bench advertising, which lets you reach a diverse audience in public spaces


Advertising Trends in 2023

September 5, 2023Published By

In a constantly moving and changing world, it can be difficult to keep up with the latest and greatest in advertising technology However, there are some trends that you simply cannot miss in 2023 From billboards to street furniture to mobile devices, here are BillboardsIn’s top 5 can’t-miss advertising trends of this year 


The Impacts of AI on Billboard Advertising

August 29, 2023Published By

The world is rapidly evolving with new technology, and AI (artificial intelligence) is no exception AI has had a widespread impact on every industry and is only increasing its momentum


Tips for First-Time Advertisers

August 22, 2023Published By

Running a business is an extremely daunting task, and it can often feel like you’re not drawing in as many new customers or patrons as you’d like to be The solution to this issue is simple, but can seem difficult to navigate if you have not done so before


SEO Tips for Small Businesses

August 15, 2023Published By

SEO stands for “search engine optimization,” and its purpose is is to optimize websites, web pages, and content to rank higher in search engines such as Google


How to Buy Out-of-Home Advertising

August 8, 2023Published By

Here at BillboardsIn, we like out-of-home (OOH) advertising…a lot (it’s kind of our favorite thing)—but we understand that the world of buying advertising can be a confusing place, and if it’s your first time buying an ad, you may not know where to start Luckily, our second favorite thing is making complex things simple, so here’s our guide to buying OOH advertising!

Brand Voice: What it is & How to Use it

August 1, 2023Published By

Have you ever thought about what makes your company different and stand out? That’s where brand voice comes to play as it is what makes your brand unique and enables you to stick out from the sea of voices online