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Whether jumping on Detroit’s PeopleMover or visiting Windsor via the TunnelBus, commuters and travelers will have a bird’s eye view of your creative transit advertising. BillboardsIn’s database of inventory is second to none and the industry's largest for transit options in Detroit.   The Motor City is an exceptional market for introducing new products, expanding your services, or generally promoting your brand. Over 80,000 people work in downtown Detroit with thousands more in Midtown. Residents grab the elevated rail system en route to the Amtrak Station and Detroit’s two airports. Your messages can ride along with these passengers and be prominently displayed when they reach their destinations. Complete the form below for access to BillboardsIn’s phenomenal inventory of transit advertising assets at competitive prices!  
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Buying a transit ad in Detroit is an efficient way to reach a diverse audience through targeted advertising, increased engagement, and high visibility. The cost of the ad is largely affected by its location, with ads placed in high commuter areas like Downtown Detroit or Midtown generally costing more than those in smaller commuter areas outside the city. However, advertising in high-traffic areas can help maximize exposure to potential customers. Keep in mind that the cost of transit ads in Detroit may fluctuate depending on factors such as the campaign duration, production expenses, and time of year.

BillboardsIn, a top provider of transit advertising solutions, provides optimal transit ad locations strategically placed throughout Detroit. On average, a transit ad in Detroit generates 504,083 impressions per month for only an average cost per thousand impressions (CPM) of $14.01! To ensure maximum visibility, we suggest targeting high-traffic areas with good visibility. When you're ready to create a significant impact, use our interactive tool to browse our extensive inventory of outdoor advertisements in Detroit and begin your campaign today.

Tips for Buying Transit Ads in Detroit

  • Consider the audience. Think about who your target audience is and what type of transit they are most likely to use. For example, if you are targeting commuters, ads on buses or trains may be more effective than ads on taxis or billboards.

  • Location is key. Research the high-traffic areas in Detroit and consider placing your ads in those locations for maximum exposure. Make sure to also consider visibility and the potential for congestion or delays that could impact the reach of your ad.

  • Use eye-catching visuals. Transit ads have a limited amount of time to grab a viewer's attention, so make sure your visuals are bold, bright, and attention-grabbing. Keep your message concise and use a clear call to action to encourage viewers to take action.

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Special Offers and Sales on Transit Ads in Detroit

Here are a few special offers on transit ads and other outdoor advertising in Detroit, Michigan.

To see pricing and shop all the transit ads in Detroit, use the tool at the top of this page.

Digital Billboard Truck

Book a digital billboard truck for one day; you can choose your own route, or we can create a custom route for you that targets your ideal audience.

Digital Billboard Truck in Detroit

Build a custom Digital Billboard Truck ad campaign in Detroit starting at $2,499.00.

Digital Billboards

Target consumers with a digital billboard campaign. Choose a location, and your ad will be displayed on digital billboards within a three-mile radius.

Digital Billboards in Detroit

Build a custom Digital Billboards ad campaign in Detroit starting at $6,499.00.

Hulu Ads

Advertise on Hulu with a 15 or 30 second ad that has audio and motion video capabilities, estimated to receive about 40,000 impressions each month.

Hulu Ads in Detroit

Build a custom Hulu Ads ad campaign in Detroit starting at $1,400.00.

Direct Mail Ads

Reach your target audience by sending direct mail postcards to their mailbox. Direct mail ads allow you to target specific demographics across the US!

Direct Mail Ads in Detroit

Build a custom Direct Mail Ads ad campaign in Detroit starting at $2,674.00.

Transit Ad Rates in Detroit

Estimated price per location per month

Airports$1,200 - $11,000
Taxi$250 - $600 per taxi
Gas / Charging Stations$900 - $3,500 per station
Bus / Rail$1,200 - $23,000

On average, transit advertising in Detroit, Michigan costs $250 - $23,000

Featured Outdoor Ads

Examples of top ads in Detroit, Michigan

Photo of an outdoor ad in Detroit
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Frequently Asked Questions about Transit Ads in Detroit

What is the typical price for a transit ad in Detroit?

The cost of a transit ad in Detroit depends on several factors, including the placement of the ad, size, location, and production costs. On average, a transit ad in Detroit costs $9,887.09 per month.

Which spaces are available for transit advertising in Detroit?

We have a wide variety of transit ad spaces available in Detroit. Our inventory includes transit ads located on buses, taxis, airports and gas stations throughout Detroit. To find the best option for your advertising needs, simply browse our available inventory using the interactive tool on our website.

How long can I rent a transit ad for in Detroit?

We offer campaign durations for transit ads in San Francisco anywhere from a week to over a year, depending on your needs.

Which locations are best for a transit ad in Detroit?

The best locations for a transit in Detroit are near high-traffic areas with good visibility, such as Woodward Avenue, I-75 and the Detroit Metropolitan Airport. It's important to choose a location that will help you reach your target audience and achieve your advertising goals.

What is the timeline for setting up a transit ad in Detroit?

The length of time it takes to set up a transit ad in Detroit depends on several factors, including the location, size, and type of transit ad. Typically, our transit ads are up and running within 2 weeks of purchase date.

How do I purchase a transit ad in Detroit?

To buy a transit ad in Detroit, simply browse our available inventory using the interactive tool on our website.

What are some examples of the most effective transit ads in Detroit?

The best type of transit ad for your campaign will depend on your advertising goals, target audience, and budget. Some of the best types of transit ads in Detroit are featured on taxis, buses and airports traveling through Woodward Avenue and Gratiot Avenue.

How can I purchase outdoor advertising in Detroit?

At BillboardsIn, we offer a wide variety of outdoor advertising options in Detroit. You can browse our full inventory by using the interactive tool on our website.

What are the best outdoor advertising agencies in Detroit?

Some of the top outdoor advertising agencies in Detroit are Rapport Outdoor Worldwide, Doner, Carat, and BillboardsIn.

Types of Transit Ads in Detroit, Michigan


Why Use Airport Ads?
Ads in airports are great for reaching both business people and vacationers while they travel the skies.


Why Use Taxi Ads?
Taxi ads reach audiences throughout a city; this classic advertising format also offers digital options.

Gas / Charging Station

Why Use Gas / Charging Station Ads?

Gas station ads are perfect for creating one-on-one experiences with viewers.

Bus / Rail

Why Use Bus / Rail Ads?
Public transit advertisements offer a unique opportunity to reach a local, working audience during their commute.

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